Walk and Talk Therapy

There are many different difficulties we can experience nowadays, anxiety, depression, addiction and anger issues are a few that affect us. Sometimes we need a helping hand to deal with these difficult feelings or behaviours. Psychotherapy is of great benefit to help us through these issues.

Within therapy there are many different ways to proceed and Walk and Talk Therapy is a very positive step for many reasons.

I meet people in the Phoenix Park, beside the Blessington Lakes and also if you need extra privacy I meet people in a private forest near my home in West Wicklow.

Please call me on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.

This walk and talk and Phil have really helped me to understand myself more clearly and move on from panic attacks.
Michael, Kildare

Anger Counselling

Anger is a very common issue. It can take many forms and shapes. It can be about shouting and arguing and getting very annoyed in traffic.

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Grief Counselling

Grief comes in many forms. Usually we associate the word with death and this is often the case. It can also be associated with the loss of a relationship or a job ad many other things.

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Stress & Anxiety Counselling

Most of us have felt some form of stress or anxiety in our lives from time to time. However sometimes it can get to the point that it is having a very strong negative effect on our lives.

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Depression Counselling

Depression can be described as a low state of energy combined with an increasingly negative view of life.

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Panic Attacks

With panic attack counselling it is very important that you can feel comfortable and somewhat relaxed while talking about your experience.

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Addiction Counselling

Addiction can be described as any behaviour that we do in excess that is in some way having a negative effect on our lives.

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