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Phil Gormely

Phil Gormley

I am an experienced psychotherapist qualifying from PCI college in Dublin and have also trained in Choice Theory and accredited with the IACP. I work in many different areas and mostly I work in one to one counselling sessions as a Walk & Talk therapist. I help people from all walks of life with finding ways to deal with the difficulties that they have and to move forward in a way that brings happiness to their lives.

Emotional and physical health are my passions. I have combined the psychotherapy and the walking to form Walk & Talk. Hiking is my favourite past time and it has been through this that I have combined therapy and walking. My hope is to expand the Walk & Talk Therapy in Ireland as its benifits are so obvious and it is helping a lot of people already.

My passion in life is emotional development, whether it be my own or others. I am fascinated how people can come from lives that have been so difficult and then turn it round and sometimes go on to help others.

I am an accredited Psychotherapist with the IACP and have worked in many different areas mostly as a one to one therapist, group work with anger management, special needs and working with young offenders while they are getting back on track.

In recent years I have discovered the joy of walking regularly. Sometimes gentle walks in the park on my own or with company and other times more strenuous walks in the Wicklow mountains. It is a great joy for me to be bringing the walking and the therapy together as I know the benefits both professionally and personally.

Please call me now on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.

Phil Gormley