Addiction is when we are doing anything obsessively in our lives. Some addictions are more harmful than others ie alcohol, drugs, gambling and overeating. There are many more addictions. Often these things have over taken our lives and appear to control a lot of how we live. Addiction is usually the covering up of some form of hurt within us and the addiction gives temporary relief to the difficulties within. It is most helpful to firstly find ways to move away from our addiction and then to uncover the reasons behind going there in the first place.

Addiction can be described as any behaviour that we do in excess that is in some way having a negative effect on our lives. The more obvious addictions that we see in counselling is alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography and overeating. There are more types that are less well known like shopping, video games/internet, hoarding etc. They all have several threads in common.

When we are doing something like alcohol to excess it can seem that we have no control over it and that it has control over us. Some people will deny that this is the case and unfortunately will continue with their addiction until such time that they get a realization that they have lost control or when they hit rock bottom. For those who know that they cannot control it anymore whether through losing a job or partner or money etc. or through realizing this has got to end, they can seek help and find a way out through addiction counseling. It may seem like a huge task at this time as you may be in a lot of difficulty both emotionally and maybe financially. But you have to start somewhere and addiction counselling with Walk & Talk Therapy could be the right place for you to start. There is light at the end of this tunnell.

Addiction Counselling Process

The first step is to find the way in which to move away from your addiction. After that the process begins of learning new ways of dealing with life and its many issues. The main problem with addiction is that it is used as an avoidance mechanism. Rather than deal with what hurts us we find it easier to follow the addiction as it offers a temporary relief from life.

Addiction counseling with Walk & Talk Therapy can be the first step towards moving away from addiction and seeing life with new fresh eyes.

With Walk & Talk addiction counselling here in Dublin there is an opportunity to talk about what is happening with you in the environment of the outdoors. We practice regular addiction counselling in the park as we walk and talk. This environment can be particularly helpful and relaxing for some people and make therapy a very productive and enjoyable experience. For some people addiction counselling can be difficult in the face to face enviornment of the office but with Walk & Talk addiction counselling here in Dublin we offer a very relaxed atmosphere in the outdoors to help you deal with your difficulties.

Addiction counsellingFor more information on addiction counselling please call me on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.