Depression Counselling

Depression Counselling

Depression has many different explanations but simply put it is when for some people from time to time and for others more regularly and for others most of the time there is a very negative  feeling within them that can be difficult to describe. This feeling accompanied with thoughts that are of varying degrees of negativity can leave us in a place that can be very difficult for us. There are many different ways to deal with this. Depression counselling with Walk & Talk Therapy is a very good place to start. The most important thing is to look for what is going to work for you. Depression counselling can unlock the doors to the suffering you are experiencing right now.

Depression has many different descriptions – we can also say it is when a person is experiencing some form of a negative feeling from within and it may be difficult to describe where it is coming from. The levels of negativity vary from mild to severe. We all experience negative feelings from time to time but sometimes these feelings can become overwhelming and for some ths feeling can be very persistent. The thoughts that accompany these feelings are generally very negative and there are varying degrees of negativity in the thinking.

Depression can become very debilitating for some. In some cases people can develop a lack of interest in relationships, hobbies, their work and even their family. When it gets even more serious a sense of disconnectedness can develop and unfortunately people can alienate themselves and this can make matters worse.

Depression Counselling Process

Often we can be misinformed abut depression and some think that there is little that can be done except take medication to cure it. However there is huge amount of research that shows that we can do a lot to move away from the suffering that goes with depression. The pain and suffering that go with depression can be helped. It is not necessary to suffer.

Depression counselling with Walk & Talk Therapy can be particularly helpful. With being in the outdoors it automatically creates a more positive feeling. We utilize these feelings to talk about ways to move forward with the depression counselling and also to find out what is causing the difficulty. We have a deep look at your thinking and actions as part of the recovery process to find ways of bringing change that will loosen the depression. Many report that even after a few sessions of depression counselling in this manner that change appears in how they feel. Even to go for a walk without depression counselling will help us feel a little bit better. When we combine Walk & Talk Therapy with depression counselling we have a combination that brings results.

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Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks

With counselling in panic attacks it is very important that you can feel comfortable and somewhat relaxed while talking about your experience. The walk and talk therapy is ideal for helping to deal with panic attacks. There can often be a feeling of helplessness and even hopelessness when we are overcome with panic attacks. There can be a sence of “loosing it” or even feeling that no one else can understand this. The panic attack counselling helps us to clearly understand what is going on.  Whats amazing is that this is a very common issue and with the correct attention you can move away from panic attacks and live a life that is free from them.

Panic Attack Counselling Process

panic attacks counsellingWhat I do in panic attack counselling is to help you in the relaxed enviornment of the walk in the park, is to gently address the thinking and actions that surround panic and to build methods that will suit you to deal with them. When panic arises in us our thinking runs off into the worst possible scenarios and it appears to be uncontrollable but this is where we wil start to work to find the right way for you to address the panic. Another important part of panic attack counselling is that in the enviornment of the outdoors our body and mind is much more relaxed and this provides with the perfect way to find the answers that you need to move past the panic attacks.


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Men Issues Counselling

Men Issues Counselling

Men tend to talk less about their problems. This is unfortunate as talking about what it is that is bothering us can have a huge positive  effect on the way we feel and the way we deal with the many things life throws at us. There are many men’s groups available today in Ireland and many therapists who can be of great help. It is so important that we all find a way to bring us closer to a life that is more peaceful and happy. It is up to each one of us to find the way that suits and brings us to this place. Walking side by side while practicing psychotherapy can often be easier for men as it can be less intense and this makes for a more relaxing experience.

Even though we are well able to talk, as men we sometimes don’t talk about the stuff that bothers us deep down. A lot of us do not know where to start or do not know how to do it. Sometimes in society today it can be viewed as unmanly or weak for men to talk about there thoughts and feelings. We often believe that it is weak to tallk about how we feel. The saying “boys dont cry” still plays in the background of many mens minds. Unfortunately as many of us believe that it is stronger to be silent we do not get to talk about the many things that bother us. Loneliness, sadness, anger issues, addiction issues and sexual problems are among the many difficulties that we keep to ourselves. As we keep all these things to ourselves a build up of frustration and pain occur and we often suffer in silence. Alcohol, pornography and drugs are some of the ways in which we avoid dealing with our difficulties.

There are many healthy ways for us men to deal with our problems. With the type of counselling that I do here in Dublin we get to walk side by side in a park and we do our therapy that way. It can often be an easier way to talk to a therapist as we are side by side and out in nature. We do not have the confines of the office. As men we often find it easier to talk when we are doing something. This is where the Walk & Talk can be very helpful and lead us to a way to deal with our problems utilizing regular therapy mixed with being outdoors and walking.

For more information men issues counselling please call me on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.Men Issues counselling


Addiction Counselling

Addiction Counselling

Addiction is when we are doing anything obsessively in our lives. Some addictions are more harmful than others ie alcohol, drugs, gambling and overeating. There are many more addictions. Often these things have over taken our lives and appear to control a lot of how we live. Addiction is usually the covering up of some form of hurt within us and the addiction gives temporary relief to the difficulties within. It is most helpful to firstly find ways to move away from our addiction and then to uncover the reasons behind going there in the first place.

Addiction can be described as any behaviour that we do in excess that is in some way having a negative effect on our lives. The more obvious addictions that we see in counselling is alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography and overeating. There are more types that are less well known like shopping, video games/internet, hoarding etc. They all have several threads in common.

When we are doing something like alcohol to excess it can seem that we have no control over it and that it has control over us. Some people will deny that this is the case and unfortunately will continue with their addiction until such time that they get a realization that they have lost control or when they hit rock bottom. For those who know that they cannot control it anymore whether through losing a job or partner or money etc. or through realizing this has got to end, they can seek help and find a way out through addiction counseling. It may seem like a huge task at this time as you may be in a lot of difficulty both emotionally and maybe financially. But you have to start somewhere and addiction counselling with Walk & Talk Therapy could be the right place for you to start. There is light at the end of this tunnell.

Addiction Counselling Process

The first step is to find the way in which to move away from your addiction. After that the process begins of learning new ways of dealing with life and its many issues. The main problem with addiction is that it is used as an avoidance mechanism. Rather than deal with what hurts us we find it easier to follow the addiction as it offers a temporary relief from life.

Addiction counseling with Walk & Talk Therapy can be the first step towards moving away from addiction and seeing life with new fresh eyes.

With Walk & Talk addiction counselling here in Dublin there is an opportunity to talk about what is happening with you in the environment of the outdoors. We practice regular addiction counselling in the park as we walk and talk. This environment can be particularly helpful and relaxing for some people and make therapy a very productive and enjoyable experience. For some people addiction counselling can be difficult in the face to face enviornment of the office but with Walk & Talk addiction counselling here in Dublin we offer a very relaxed atmosphere in the outdoors to help you deal with your difficulties.

Addiction counsellingFor more information on addiction counselling please call me on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.


Stress Counselling

Stress Counselling

Most of us have felt some form of stress in our lives from time to time. However sometimes it can get to the point that it is having a very strong negative effect on our lives. It can also lead to panic attacks which is when we experience very strong negativity in our body and thoughts. Sometimes people suffering with these symptoms think that they may be “loosing it”. If you are interested in stress counselling the good news is that you can get a better understanding of how to deal with it in a very calming enviornment. Walking and talking about stress counselling is an ideal way to look at your situation.

Often with stress counselling, people come with many varying degrees of symptoms. For some it can be a particular life situation like a relationship or their workplace that is causing them to feel stressed. For others it can be more broader in that it may not be one particular thing but many things or even everything that is causing great difficulty. Our thinking can become eratic and self defeating and our feelings can get quiet mixed up. Often we take it out on others like our partners, children or work colleagues and this only increases the difficulties. With stress counselling with Walk & Talk we work in a very non stress enviornment. With stress we can end up pushing others away and keeping to ourselves as a result. Everybody has some stress at some time but for many it is often and heavy. Sometimes it can get to a more serious stage when panic attacks start to happen. These again do vary from mild to more severe.

There can be a feeling of “loosing it” sometimes and these thoughts and feelings do not help matters. It is important to remember that you are not loosing it but rather your thinking needs attention in a new way. When we fully understand the process of what is happening when these strong thoughts and feelings happen, we then put ourselves in a place to deal with the problem from an informed place. The stress counselling with Walk & Talk will help guide you towards finding healthier ways to deal with the stress. We then move on and find a method to address the thinking which in turn will settle the strong negativity.

Walk & Talk can be very helpful with stress counselling as the environment of being outdoors in natural surroundings are proven to have a calming effect and thus allowing more productive therapeutic work.

Stress CounsellingWalk & Talk can be very helpful with stress and anxiety counselling as the environment of being outdoors in natural surroundings are proven to have a calming effect and thus allowing more productive therapeutic work.

For more information on stress & anxiety counselling please call me on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.

Grief Counselling

Grief Counselling

Grief comes in many forms. With grief counselling we have one of several ways to address our pain. Usually we associate the word with death and this is often the case. It can also be associated with the loss of a relationship or a job and many other things. Each persons journey through grief is s very individual one. We deal with grief in many different ways. However it is most important to find a healthy way to deal with it. Grief counselling with Walk & Talk could be the the way for you to look at your situation .

 When grief comes it can be a very painful experience nearly unbearable for some. It is a pain that can often be described as literally a soreness in the body. It is one of the most confusing and painful exeriences in life.

There are many different ways to deal with grief. What is most important is that you find what works best for you. Unfortunately, some can turn to drink and drugs and other harmful ways to avoid dealing with the pain. If you can find a more healthier method this will benifit you greatly. Grief counselling is helpful for talking about what is going on for you and not keeping the thoughts all in your head and getting them out in an environment that is non-judgemental and safe for you. It can help with the difficult feelings and also help you to find a way to deal with everything that is going to suit you best. With grief counselling while we are walking there is a very relaxed enviornment to talk in. It allows you the time and space to talk about your loss that will help you in dealing with your grief.

Grief counsellingFor more information on grief counselling please call me on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.