Men tend to talk less about their problems. This is unfortunate as talking about what it is that is bothering us can have a huge positive  effect on the way we feel and the way we deal with the many things life throws at us. There are many men’s groups available today in Ireland and many therapists who can be of great help. It is so important that we all find a way to bring us closer to a life that is more peaceful and happy. It is up to each one of us to find the way that suits and brings us to this place. Walking side by side while practicing psychotherapy can often be easier for men as it can be less intense and this makes for a more relaxing experience.

Even though we are well able to talk, as men we sometimes don’t talk about the stuff that bothers us deep down. A lot of us do not know where to start or do not know how to do it. Sometimes in society today it can be viewed as unmanly or weak for men to talk about there thoughts and feelings. We often believe that it is weak to tallk about how we feel. The saying “boys dont cry” still plays in the background of many mens minds. Unfortunately as many of us believe that it is stronger to be silent we do not get to talk about the many things that bother us. Loneliness, sadness, anger issues, addiction issues and sexual problems are among the many difficulties that we keep to ourselves. As we keep all these things to ourselves a build up of frustration and pain occur and we often suffer in silence. Alcohol, pornography and drugs are some of the ways in which we avoid dealing with our difficulties.

There are many healthy ways for us men to deal with our problems. With the type of counselling that I do here in Dublin we get to walk side by side in a park and we do our therapy that way. It can often be an easier way to talk to a therapist as we are side by side and out in nature. We do not have the confines of the office. As men we often find it easier to talk when we are doing something. This is where the Walk & Talk can be very helpful and lead us to a way to deal with our problems utilizing regular therapy mixed with being outdoors and walking.

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