Most of us have felt some form of stress in our lives from time to time. However sometimes it can get to the point that it is having a very strong negative effect on our lives. It can also lead to panic attacks which is when we experience very strong negativity in our body and thoughts. Sometimes people suffering with these symptoms think that they may be “loosing it”. If you are interested in stress counselling the good news is that you can get a better understanding of how to deal with it in a very calming enviornment. Walking and talking about stress counselling is an ideal way to look at your situation.

Often with stress counselling, people come with many varying degrees of symptoms. For some it can be a particular life situation like a relationship or their workplace that is causing them to feel stressed. For others it can be more broader in that it may not be one particular thing but many things or even everything that is causing great difficulty. Our thinking can become eratic and self defeating and our feelings can get quiet mixed up. Often we take it out on others like our partners, children or work colleagues and this only increases the difficulties. With stress counselling with Walk & Talk we work in a very non stress enviornment. With stress we can end up pushing others away and keeping to ourselves as a result. Everybody has some stress at some time but for many it is often and heavy. Sometimes it can get to a more serious stage when panic attacks start to happen. These again do vary from mild to more severe.

There can be a feeling of “loosing it” sometimes and these thoughts and feelings do not help matters. It is important to remember that you are not loosing it but rather your thinking needs attention in a new way. When we fully understand the process of what is happening when these strong thoughts and feelings happen, we then put ourselves in a place to deal with the problem from an informed place. The stress counselling with Walk & Talk will help guide you towards finding healthier ways to deal with the stress. We then move on and find a method to address the thinking which in turn will settle the strong negativity.

Walk & Talk can be very helpful with stress counselling as the environment of being outdoors in natural surroundings are proven to have a calming effect and thus allowing more productive therapeutic work.

Stress CounsellingWalk & Talk can be very helpful with stress and anxiety counselling as the environment of being outdoors in natural surroundings are proven to have a calming effect and thus allowing more productive therapeutic work.

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