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Sometimes we need a helping hand to deal with difficult feelings or behaviours. These may include feeling depressed, anxious, angry, lonely and disconnected or experiencing addiction and relationship problems.

Walk and Talk Therapy offers a combination of therapy and walking in nature, which can be particularly helpful if you find yourself drawn to this relaxed style of practice.  Walk and Talk is the same as regular psychotherapy, the only difference being the sessions are held outdoors.

I meet individuals either in the Phoenix Park in Dublin or a location close to it. I offer flexible appointments during the day and late evening.  

One hour session costs 60 Euro and one and a half hours are 80 Euro. The cost of supervision is 60 Euro and couples therapy is 80 Euro. If you pay for six sessions in advance the cost is 50 Euro per session.

If interested call me at 083 169 3403 or fill out the online form on this page to see how Walk and Talk Therapy could help you.

Love the walk and talk counselling. I find it much easier to talk while I am walking in the park.
John, Wakinstown, Dublin

Anger Counselling

Anger is a very common issue. It can take many forms and shapes. It can be about shouting and arguing and getting very annoyed in traffic.

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Grief Counselling

Grief comes in many forms. It can be associated with the loss of a relationship or a job ad many other things.

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Stress & Anxiety Counselling

Sometimes stress and anxiety can get to the point that it is having a very strong negative effect on our lives.

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Depression Counselling

Depression can be described as a low state of energy combined with an increasingly negative view of life – it can vary from mild to severe.

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Panic Attacks

With panic attack counselling it is very important that you can feel comfortable while talking about your experience.

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Addiction Counselling

Addiction can be any behaviour that we do in excess that is in some way having a negative effect on our lives – alcohol, drugs, gambling…

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Couples Counselling

In a relationship when things are getting difficult, to go and talk with a therapist can seem challenging. 

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Walk & Talk Supervision is practiced in a similar manner as the office; however, we walk side by side in the park.

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Depression Counselling

This has many explanations but simply put it is when we become overwhelmed with a negativity that is hard to explain.

Panic Attacks

With counselling in panic attacks it is very important that you can feel comfortable and somewhat relaxed while talking about your experience. The walk and talk therapy is ideal for helping to deal with panic attacks. There can often be a feeling of helplessness and...

Men Issues Counselling

Men tend to talk less about their problems. This is unfortunate as talking about what it is that is bothering us can have a huge positive effect on the way we feel and the way we deal with the many things life throws at us.

Addiction Counselling

Addiction is when we are doing anything obsessively in our lives. Some addictions are more harmful than others ie alcohol, drugs, gambling and overeating.

Stress Counselling

Most of us experience this from time to time but sometimes it gets out of hand and can take over our lives.

Grief Counselling

This can be a difficult time and reaching out and talking to someone can help with the pain.

Anger Counselling

Anger is a very common issue. It can take many forms and shapes. For some it can be an inner experience and for others it can be more outwards ie. shouting, abusive behaviour and sometimes violence.

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Phil Gormley

Phil Gormley Dip in Psychotherapy; Dip in Integrative Supervision, IACP accredited Psychotherapist & Supervisor. Trained in the therapeutic use of mindfulness, family therapy, couples therapy and anger management. Also works as a Pluralistic Therapist.