Walk and Talk therapy with myself is of great help for a couple of different reasons.

– I have a lot of professional and personal experience along the road to dealing with what bothers us.

– This is not a job to me but more of a vocation. I am dedicated to helping people through their difficulties and helping to finding a more fulfilling life for you.

– Walk and Talk Therapy is being developed here in Ireland because of my search to introduce more ways for us to seek out the answers we need.

With Walk and Talk there are differences to a session in the office. For some people, sitting in front of a therapist can be to intense so the walking side by side can be very helpful. It is also a well known fact that exercise creates more positive feelings within us. During this therapy we utilize these positive feelings to help us to explore our inner journey in a way that might not happen in the office. Sometimes people who have been in therapy for a while find that the Walk and Talk Therapy can help them get to places they could not reach before.   Also, there is something beautiful about being out in nature. There are many studies to prove this, but sometimes we don’t need studies when we just know that something feel good.

We do the sessions in different parks in Dublin but also I do the sessions just outside of Dublin in some of the wonderful woodland walks that are available. However for some people this is just not possible and we do the sessions in a park in the city which are beautiful places to be.


The cost for one hour is 70 Euro.

Please call me on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.