With counselling in panic attacks it is very important that you can feel comfortable and somewhat relaxed while talking about your experience. The walk and talk therapy is ideal for helping to deal with panic attacks. There can often be a feeling of helplessness and even hopelessness when we are overcome with panic attacks. There can be a sence of “loosing it” or even feeling that no one else can understand this. The panic attack counselling helps us to clearly understand what is going on.  Whats amazing is that this is a very common issue and with the correct attention you can move away from panic attacks and live a life that is free from them.

Panic Attack Counselling Process

What I do in panic attack counselling is to help you in the relaxed enviornment of the walk in the park, is to gently address the thinking and actions that surround panic and to build methods that will suit you to deal with them. When panic arises in us our thinking runs off into the worst possible scenarios and it appears to be uncontrollable but this is where we wil start to work to find the right way for you to address the panic. Another important part of panic attack counselling is that in the enviornment of the outdoors our body and mind is much more relaxed and this provides with the perfect way to find the answers that you need to move past the panic attacks.


For more help on panic attacks please call me on  083 169 3403  or fill out the online form on this page to see how walk and talk therapy could work for you.